Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1998.

Our mission is to protect Tennessee’s natural treasures.

Our vision is to create a network of parks, greenways, and wildlife areas across Tennessee from the mighty Mississippi River to the Great Smoky Mountains and beyond. The Foundation strives to accomplish this vision through three strategies:  by conserving Tennessee Treasures; creating corridor connections; and fostering initiatives by others through conservation, education, and advocacy.

Visit any of the links above to learn about our core strategies.

Our vision is bold, but our strategies are sound. We save Tennessee’s treasures and create corridor connections by conducting capital campaigns, collaborating with public agencies and through outright purchase or by conservation easements (voluntary agreements with private landowners that permanently restrict land from development but keep it in private ownership).  Through education and advocacy we work for greenway planning and increased conservation funding. Additionally we fundraise to buy natural treasures, accept land donations, and through our Emergency Land Fund, we make loans available to other private or public organizations. Our work has saved more than 40 treasures including famous Tennessee landmarks such as Gateway to Mound Bottom, Black Mountain, Devilstep Hollow Cave and Head of Sequatchie Springs, Randolph Bluff and more.

To view our latest annual report, please click here.

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