Woodbury, TN

Photography by Joe Allen.

Headwaters Wildlife Management Area is a 993-acre tract of forest and pastureland that encompasses the headwater boundaries of three watersheds—the Caney Fork River, the Collins River, and the East Fork of the Stones River. In 2012, the Foundation worked with members of TDEC, TWRA, the Nature Conservancy, the US Attorney General and multiple law enforcement agencies to acquire this property for ownership and management by the state. Its initial owners were convicted of distribution of marijuana, which put the land in the queque for government auction until the Foundation and its partners stepped in to conserve the area.  Outdoor activities in the area include hiking, fishing, and hunting. Please visit TWRA’s website for more information about hunting and fishing.

Our Conservation Story

Headwaters WMA has one of the most interesting conservation stories of the lands that TennGreen has helped preserve. The original owners of the 993-acre tract of land in Cannon County near Short Mountain were arrested in 2007 and convicted in 2012 for distribution of marijuana they grew on the property. This meant that the marijuana farm would be transferred to the US Marshal Service for management until a formal government auction could be organized.

TennGreen member Neal Appelbaum took a leading role in pursuing this property, even visiting the original property owner in prison. He helped lead a joint effort to conserve the property that involved the TWRA, TDEC, the US Attorney, Deputy Governor John Morgan, the Nature Conservancy, andthe Department of Justice.

Headwaters WMA is the largest state-owned property to be received via transference from the federal to the state government and the only such transfer to occur in Tennessee. Today, outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and hunting are available to the public on this land. Feel free to enjoy the nearby Short Mountain Distillery’s tours and tasting room.


Take I-24 E to Exit 81-B for US 231 North toward Murfreesboro. Travel 1.4 miles and turn right onto Middle Tennessee Blvd. Proceed 1.4 miles, turn right onto US 70 S East/TN-1 East/Mercury Blvd. Travel 23.7 miles, turn left onto TN 281 Center Hill Rd. Proceed 1.9 miles, turn left onto TN 146/Short Mountain Rd. Drive 4.9 miles, turn left at Gunter Hollow Rd. Travel 2 miles and arrive at your destination.

Headwaters WMA

at Short Mountain