Hill's Island

Hill’s Island is located along the scenic Cumberland River in Northwestern Davidson County in Madison. At 19.34-acres, it stretches linearly near the bank in Neely’s Bend creating a tree-shaded half-mile-long channel on the west side of the island. The west channel measures approximately 30 feet wide and seven feet deep, depending on the season and recent weather conditions, creating a wilderness experience for kayakers, canoers, and island hikers. The east side of the island is sunny and gently slopes to the main channel of the Cumberland, making it ideal for walking, sunbathing, swimming and fishing. Exploring the island on foot reveals a pawpaw grove, Tennessee’s native citrus tree, at the island’s north end and sycamores, red maples, and hackberries that stand tall throughout the property. A wide variety of wildlife is attracted to the property, including deer, turkey, herons, raccoons, snakes, otters, and a bald eagle. Experiencing Hill’s Island’s wilderness allows visitors to forget they are still in Nashville and ignites a love of the outdoors through adventure and exploration.

Our Conservation Story

Hill’s Island holds an interesting past…It was once owned by plantation owner Stockley Donelson. The Donelson plantation was located near Hill’s Island, making the island the perfect getaway for a slave referred to as “Uncle Guinea George.” George was known for having teeth filed to a point and a fearsome presence that made others uncomfortable. His wife and children lived on Hill’s Island, which served as his home while working the plantation.


Since then the island has had several different owners including Adventist Health Systems who allowed Boy Scout troops to use the island before generously donating it to TennGreen in September 2006.

Hill's Island

Cumberland River

Nashville, TN 37115