TennGreen Staff - Steve Law, Elliot Burnette, Alice Hudson Pell, Steven Walsh, Carolyn Rehm, Kristen Hanratty, Christie (Peterson) Henderson, Jenessa Casey, Chris Ware


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Manager of Finance & Administration 

Communications Manager

Conservation Project & Stewardship Manager

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Director of Leadership Gifts

General Counsel & Project Manager

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Meet the leaders of our mission! TennGreen is proud to have a Board with diverse, passionate members who hail from across Tennessee. 

Robert D. Tuke, President

Mark Peacock, M.D., President-Elect

Mary Lynn Dobson, Secretary

Nick Nunn, Treasurer

Matt McClanahan, Regional Vice President (East)

Charles Womack, M.D., Regional Vice President (Middle)

Frank Ricks, A.I.A., Regional Vice President (West)

Ryan Bailey, Assistant Treasurer & Assistant Secretary

Charles Askew
John Fenderson
Janie Finch
Laurel Graefe
Steve Law
Gary Myers
John Noel III
Wayne Russell
Bob Sarratt
Estie Sheahan
Melinda Welton
Alan Webb, Young Leaders Council Intern