Solomon Hollow

Solomon Hollow is within Catoosa WMA area of interest outlined by the Tennessee Heritage Conservation Trust Fund. The Catoosa WMA project area is strategically important due to its location on the Cumberland Plateau, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the eastern US.

Our Conservation Story

In 2007, Annetta Watson and Robert Luxemore donated a conservation easement on the 74 acres that surround their property at Solomon Hollow Apiary. Featuring a pastoral valley, high forested ridges, and the headwaters to the Little Emory River, Annetta and Bob felt compelled to protect this Tennessee treasure from fracking and logging pressures. Through the donation of a conservation easement to the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, they conserved the scenic open space, farmland, and corridor of forest near other significant protected land. In 2013, Annetta and Bob conserved another 60.5 acres adjacent to their current easement.

After Bob’s passing in 2014, Annetta’s vigor to protect her land renewed. Determinedly, she has been re-collecting the parcels that make up the ridges and valleys at Solomon Hollow, piecing them together again, and conserving the land to protect it from future development and subdivision. On October 12, 2016, she completed an additional conservation easement on nine acres surrounded on three sides by the existing easement.


Solomon Hollow

Photography by Tom Wood