TennGreen has officially launched its Wildlife Habitat Conservation Assistance Fund (WHCAF) as a program to be piloted through 2019. This fund will defray expenses incurred by TennGreen on behalf of private landowners who need financial assistance to protect their land with a conservation easement. If you are interested in protecting your property in perpetuity and may qualify for financial assistance, TennGreen invites you to complete and submit an application.


Desirable properties include those that are rich in rare species, are adjacent to public land, or boast significant open space, rivers, or rare landforms. In the application, you will be asked to describe both your current-use and long-term conservation desire for the property. Such desires may encompass everything from a working forest easement with sustainable timber harvesting to a ‘Forever Wild’ easement restricting all development and resource extraction. Each individual tract of land will be ranked on a myriad of conservation values to determine grant qualification.


During the application process, you may also be asked questions regarding your income, accounts, and assets in order to determine your financial eligibility for the program. Financial eligibility and awards will be determined by the WHCAF Committee, and all information provided by the landowner will be kept confidential.  


TennGreen is grateful to the Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund and Ginger & Dale Ensor for their contributions to supplement this fund. 


Click here to view and download a WHCAF application.
Please submit your completed application or any questions to Kristen Hanratty, Land Conservation Specialist, at kristen@tenngreen.org